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Why Sabina Relays

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

“When I lost my grandma to breast cancer my freshman year, I turned to Relay For Life at UCLA as a way I could honor her memory and do my part in fighting back. Probably everything I’ve ever shared about my relay story has revolved around her. The truth, however, is that I relay for so much more than my grandma alone.

If you’ve ever been to a Relay For Life event, you’ve seen for yourself why I relay.

I relay for the stories of loss shared at the Luminaria Ceremony. I relay for the tears of joy shed walking alongside survivors in the Opening Lap. I relay for the miracles of hope shared at the Fight Back Ceremony. I relay for the sleep deprived, near delusional, 3 am laughs shared walking the track during the night. I relay for the community that comes together year after year to remind each other that nobody is alone in the fight against cancer. I relay for the incredible, hardworking, and passionate members of UCLA Colleges Against Cancer that put their hearts and souls into making this event everything it is, because they all have a story of their own to share.

Most of all, I relay for a day where we don’t have stories of cancer and loss to share anymore. Until then, I relay for life.” -Sabina Fridman

Why do you relay? #WhyIRelayWednesday

Our relay for life event is in 3 days. Join our fight against cancer and register or donate here!

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