Colleges AGainst Cancer

Board 2019-2020



Melissa Van Pell



VP Operations

Meg Leonard

I am responsible for general club operations, which primarily include creating slides for meetings, writing the weekly emails, monitoring the Slack, and the club Venmo!

Why I LOVE CAC: I love CAC because it has introduced me to a community of dedicated and supportive people who share my passion for fighting cancer. This organization has allowed me to engage in meaningful work contributing to an event I love and has provided me with some of my most meaningful relationships at UCLA.


VP Mission

Austin Cook



Growth Chair

Jenna Rosen

I oversee the marketing, recruitment, and fundraising committees to make sure we raise the most money and recruit the most participants as possible!

Favorite Relay Moment: It has to be the Mr. Relay pageant where we have participants from many different teams all compete for the crown. Not only is it hilarious, but it is one of the moments at Relay where the most people come together to watch and enjoy the relay community


Productions Director

Melody Salimian

I oversee the Logistics, Entertainment, and Sponsorship Food/ Hospitality committee, and handle all day of Relay responsibilities.


Advocacy Chair

Shane Simon

I organize educational rallies to increase awareness of the various forms of cancer, organize advocacy pushes through petitioning and letter writing to Congress, and am the chair of the Fight Back Committee!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has to be the Luminaria Ceremony. Walking the silent lap with my arm around my sister as we thought of our grandmother was a truly touching moment.

Cancer Education Chair

Justin Chang

I host educational rallies to spread awareness about different kinds of cancer and to encourage education and advocacy! 

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony is always the highlight for me. It’s so heartwarming, emotional, and important, as it reminds me of why we all participate in this event. The companionship that everyone gives each other is simply remarkable and has always brought about unforgettable memories for me.


Luminaria Chair

Lauren Blankenship



Survivorship and Care Giver Engagement Chair

Jillian Duffield

 I organize hospital visits at Ronald Reagan to deliver cards to the patients and I coordinate any survivor-related events throughout the year!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria Ceremony because everyone comes together to remember those who have battled cancer. It has always been a bonding experience for me and my teammates as we walk the lap together in silence with our arms around each other. 

Co-Marketing Chair (Graphics)

Maria Zamarripa

I work with all committees to create graphics for Relay for Life as well as for the various rallies and events that occur throughout the year so that they may used to help promote on social media and on flyers 


Why I love RFL: Relay for Life is an event that has allowed me to be a part of a community that is bonded through the desire to find a cure to a disease that has affected many. It is an event where we get to celebrate survivors, remember those we have lost, and commit to fighting back.


Co-Marketing Chair (Video)

Natalie Bishay


Co-Marketing Chair (Website)

Abbey Arbolante

I manage CAC's website through maintenance and development. I also assist in creating promotional graphics and videos. This year, I will be directing and stream-producing the Virtual Relay event on May 9th! So tune in on our website!

Favorite Relay Moment: Every year, the committee comes up with a "Relay Dance." And on the day of Relay, they would randomly play the song for the dance throughout the 24 hours, and all of us in committee would literally run towards the stage and dance! I would always feel so swaggy, I ninja run to the stage.


Co-Fundraising Chair

Hannah Krusenoski



Co-Fundraising Chair

Jennifer Thompson

I work to help committee members reach their personal fundraising goals along with planning and running larger fundraising efforts such as our annual silent auction.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria Ceremony because it allows everyone to come together to remember their own reasons for participating in Relay for Life. It’s a beautiful way to remember those we have lost in the fight against cancer and honor their memory. 


Co-Recruitment Chair

Julie Steklof



Co-Recruitment Chair

Priyanka Bhakta

I work with Recruitment Committee members to reach out to as many organizations and groups on the UCLA campus and surrounding community as we can and encourage their participation in the life-changing experience that is Relay for Life at UCLA.


Why I LOVE CAC: CAC and Relay for Life creates and sustains a beautiful, resilient, and diverse community of people who have been touched by cancer in any way and fosters celebration, remembrance, and indomitable hope in the fight against cancer.


Executive Team Captain Coordinator

Sonam Sidhu



Mission Integration Team Captain Coordinator

Gillian Campbell



Engagement Team Captain Coordinator

Rachana Jayaraman

I reach out to registered team captains to keep them updated about Relay, monitor and reward outstanding teams and participants, and assist the recruitment and fundraising committees’ efforts. 

Why I LOVE Relay for life: Relay is a beautiful way to remember those we have lost to cancer and celebrate those who have won their battle, and seeing everyone come together for this cause shows the determination to win the fight against cancer.

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