ACS On campus

Board 2020-2021

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Jenna Rosen


Year: 4th year


I organize club meetings, manage the budget, and keep us all on track to reach our goals!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Mr. Relay pageant has to be my favorite Relay Moment! It is so fun to see the contestants give it their all and see the support of the Relay Community around them!

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Justin Chang

VP Operations

Year:  4th year

I manage general club operations and logistics! This includes creating slides for our weekly meetings, writing weekly recap emails, monitoring the club Venmo, and creating/monitoring the Slack!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony is always the highlight for me. It’s so heartwarming and emotional, and wholeheartedly reminds me of why we all work so hard to organize this event. The companionship and strength that everyone has is inspiring to be a part of, and has always brought about unforgettable memories for me. This applies to both in-person Luminaria Ceremony and our virtual Luminaria Ceremony last year!

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Lauren Blankenship

VP Mission

Year: 3rd year

I oversee the Survivorship, Fight Back, and Luminaria committees, work with other clubs and organizations for collaborations, and always advocate for our club's mission to celebrate, remember and fight back against cancer!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony! It is always so amazing to to remember those we've lost to cancer in such a sentimental way, I was the Luminaria Chair last year so it holds a very special place in my heart:)

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Priyanka Bhakta (she/her)

Growth Director

Year: 4th year


I work to ensure that Relay For Life 2021 continues to grow through recruitment, fundraising, marketing, and outreach and to ensure our committee members are always feeling welcome and motivated.

Favorite Relay Moment: I love when we all come together for the Opening, Luminaria, and Fight Back Ceremonies at Relay because these moments reflect so clearly how Relay Ror Life creates and sustains a beautiful, resilient, and diverse community of people who have been touched by cancer in any way and fosters celebration, remembrance, and indomitable hope in the fight against cancer.

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Shane Simon

Productions Director

Year: 4th year


I oversee the Logistics, Entertainment, and Sponsorship Food/Hospitality committees and am the co-event lead for Relay For Life. I handle the day of Relay responsibilities including directing and formatting the livestream behind the scenes and logistical planning of the event.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has to be the Luminaria Ceremony. Walking the silent lap with my arm around my sister as we thought of our grandmother was a truly touching moment.

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Kenya Ochoa

Advocacy Chair

Year: 2nd year

As a co-chair for the Fight Back Committee, I help design and carry out monthly cancer education rallies where we emphasize ways for our Relay for Life participants and ACS on Campus members to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. We endorse petitions on behalf of ACS, encouraging members to enact their civic duties for a good cause!

Favorite Relay Moment: I loved watching our virtual Mr. Relay talent show last year! It was amazing and hilarious!

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Kaitie Daugherty

Survivor Outreach Chair

Year: 4th year

I help recruit survivors, keep contact with them, plan survivor activities for relay, and a lot of other activities involved with the opening ceremony, the survivorship lap, and what survivors do at relay. I also help run the survivorship committee and deliver cards to the oncology floor of Ronald Reagan Hospital.

Favorite Relay Moment: Taking to survivors during the opening ceremony survivor lap!

Katie Lin

Cancer Education Chair

Year: 3rd year


I help organize educational rallies to spread awareness about the different types of cancer including their treatments, prevention, symptoms, and current research. I also assist my co-chair Kenya with advocacy efforts.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite part of relay is Luminaria because it reminds us that we are all fighting against cancer for the same reasons. It brings everyone closer together in love and support for one another to celebrate our loved ones that we have lost.

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Selena Garcia

Luminaria Chair

Year: 4th year


I am in charge of hosting and putting on the Luminaria ceremony! This ceremony honors every life touched by cancer through a ceremony of remembrance.
I also help sell Luminaria bags throughout the year. Dedicate a Luminaria bag today to honor a loved one!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite relay moment would have to be the Luminaria ceremony! It is the reason I joined relay at UCLA and why I wanted to take on the position!

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Gabrielle Sotomayor

Survivorship and Care Giver Engagement Chair

Year: 2nd year


I work alongside my co-chair to organize events and activities that are focused on celebrating and supporting cancer survivors and their caregivers.

Favorite Relay Moment: The survivor lap after opening ceremony tends to be favorite relay moment every year. I love when all relay attendees wrap around the track and cheer our survivors on. It is genuinely the best way to kick off Relay !

Samantha Jeffrey

Co-Marketing Chair (Graphics)

Year: 3rd year


I create, and oversee the creation of, promotional materials for ACS On Campus at UCLA and Relay For Life, as well as various other events, fundraisers, and rallies. I also help run our social media platforms, in addition to designing merchandise.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria Ceremony. It is such a beautiful and moving way to honor those who lost their fight against cancer, and reminds us all of why we are a part of ACS On Campus.

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Sophie Roberts

Co-Marketing Chair (Video)

Year: 3rd year


I film at different club events and use this footage to edit promotional and educational videos to spread awareness about our club and its purpose!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has always been the Luminaria Ceremony. I find the entire event to be very uplifting and positive, so I think Luminaria is super important in providing a space for people to remember and mourn their loved ones and create a sense of community among the Relay attendees.

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Anvitaa Anandkumar

Co-Recruitment Chair

Year: 2nd year


I work with the Recruitment Committee to reach out to organisations, groups and people on UCLA campus and surrounding community and encourage their participation in the life-changing experience that is Relay for Life at UCLA

Favorite Relay Moment: My favourite Relay moment is the Luminaria ceremony, because everybody comes together to remember the people we have lost in the battle against cancer, and the reason we fight to save lives

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Olivia Henshaw

Co-Recruitment Chair

Year: 3rd year


I work with recruitment committee to reach out to various on-campus clubs, organizations, individual students and the Westwood community to encourage them to join the fight against cancer by participating in our wonderful Relay event!

Favorite Relay Moment: Virtual Mr. Relay made me cry laughing!

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Rachana Jayaraman

Co-Fundraising Chair

Year: 3rd year


I plan and execute various fundraising events and pushes throughout the year to maximize our donations to ACS!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite part of Relay is the Luminaria Ceremony! It’s a beautiful way to honor those that we have lost to cancer, and it reminds us of why this fight is so important. The sense of community and solidarity that arises during the ceremony is something that is truly special and meaningful.

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Amber Armellini

Co-Fundraising Chair

Year: 2nd year


I am in charge of funding pushes and well as other fundraising events we put on every quarter. I also am responsible for ensuring members reach their personal fundraising goals!

Favorite Relay Moment: Virtual Relay’s beautiful Luminaria ceremony!


Jessica Revilla

Spirit Chair

Year: 3rd year


My role is to maintain high morale in the club as we all collectively work towards our largest event of the year: Relay! I lead the Spirit Committee to plan socials to facilitate friendly engagement between members and put together the club mentorship program as well!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment of Relay is learning the Relay dance for that year. The relay dance is choreographed by the board members of the club and eventually taught to the general public at Relay; by the end of the event, everyone knows what to do when a certain part of the song comes on and it's always so fun watching people dance their heart out and have a great time!

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Sami Rafeedie

Head Team Captain Coordinator

Year: 4th year


I engage with the community and alumni for participation in Relay For Life!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony always gives me a strong feeling of solidarity with everyone present at Relay. It is truly the most powerful moment of the event.

IMG_8790 - Sydney Huynh (1).jpeg

Sydney Huynh


Year: 4th year


I reach out to Relay For Life team captains, help organize Team Captain meetings, recognize and reward teams, as well as assist in recruitment and fundraising.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay For Life moment would have to be the Luminaria Ceremony. After a fun day of relay activities and games, Relay For Life has the Luminaria Ceremony as one of the main closing events. In doing so, it reminds us of why we relay. We remember those we have lost, honor current survivors, and continue our fight against cancer.

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Celeste Charlet


Year: 3rd year


I help keep all Team Captains in the loop with all matters concerning Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment during Relay is the Luminaria ceremony. It’s such a warm comforting environment, where we all get to show our support for those who are involved in the fight against cancer.


Nina Gautam


Year: 4th year


I help manage team captains and VIP teams along with the other TCCS. This typically involves coordinating with team captains to make sure they have the most up-to-date info on Relay, helping out with any fundraising and recruitment needs they may have, and rewarding teams for their amazing efforts!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Fight Back ceremony is always my favorite part; they're always so uplifting and inspirational! Even after spending almost 24 hours at Drake Stadium, I'm always pumped up and energized afterwards!

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Yash Gursahani

Sponsorship Chair

Year: 2nd year


I co-chair the Sponsorship Committee, which reaches out to businesses in the LA area and beyond for donations to our cause. Having companies support us is really important and they serve as an invaluable part of every Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment would have to be Mr. Relay last year. Whether I was laughing at the contestants’ antics or marveling at their amazing talents, it was a reminder of just how fun even a virtual Relay can be.

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Shimran Kumar

Entertainment Co-Chair

Year: 4th year


With my amazing Co-Chair and committee, I plan and host fun events like comedy nights and concerts throughout the year to fundraise, and also plan all the entertainment including games, activities, and performances for the day of Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite part of Relay are the moments right after the Luminaria ceremony. We all take a silent lap together, many of us holding hands. You can feel everyone coming together so wholly, for one purpose. It's very powerful.


Sarai Viveros

Entertainment Co-Chair

Year: 4th year


I plan and host fun events to fundraise throughout the school year and help make sure you all have a fun and memorable Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: Luminaria Ceremony: the entire event of Relay is super fun and you learn lots but the Luminaria Ceremony really reminds you why you're there in the first place. It's a very touching and heartwarming moment.

IMG_3411 - CAC Logistics (2).HEIC

Kiana Zargari

Co-Logistics Chair

Year: 2nd year


I work with my co-chair and committee members to secure the funding required for all club expenses and our Relay for Life event itself!

Favorite Relay Moment: The hospital visits were always a highlight for me. There are so many exciting ACS on Campus activities and events, but being able to deliver cards to cancer patients is such a privilege. It inspires me to continue volunteering with Relay for Life for as long as I can! Together we can fight towards a day with less cancer, and more birthdays :)

AlienaPittsPhoto - Aliena Pitts (1).png

Aliena Pitts

Co-Logistics Chair

Year: 4th year

I apply for funding to make our events possible!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment is definitely listening to the Luminaria Ceremony and feeling connected to our community as we all huddle together.

IMG_3206 - Ronak Naik.jpeg

Ronak Naik

Food and Hospitality Chair

Year: 2nd year


I reach out to businesses and local restaurants to obtain sponsors for our event!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment was when my grandmother, an 11 year breast cancer survivor, came all the way from India to walk the survivor lap. It was such an amazing sight to see her overcome a long battle and continue to walk with pride among all of the other cancer survivors. The image of her holding my grandfather's hand as we cheered her on is something I will never forget.