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ACS On campus
Board 2022-2023


Yash Gursahani


4th year, Astrophysics major, Mathematics minor


I oversee all club happenings, organize meetings, serve as a liaison between our campus organization and the American Cancer Society, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly so that we can reach our goals and have an awesome Relay for Life!


Kaylin Ng

VP Operations

3rd year, Environmental Science major, Environmental Health minor

I manage club operations and logistics! To ensure things run smoothly, I create the weekly meeting slides, draft and send our recap emails, monitor member requirements, and manage the Slack!


Cora Chun

VP Mission

3rd year, MCDB major

I oversee the Fight Back, Luminaria, Survivorship, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees so that our organization can uphold its mission to celebrate survivors, remember those we've lost, and fight against cancer through promoting education, advocacy, and equity. I also initiate collaborations with other organizations related to cancer and health on campus!


Megan Borda

Growth Director

4th year, HBS major

I oversee our growth committees including Recruitment, Fundraising, Marketing, Spirit, and TCCs! But overall, I work to expand ACS through outreach initiatives and networking within and beyond the UCLA campus. 


Ronak Naik

Productions Director

4th year, Neuroscience Major


I am in charge of planning everything that goes into the day of Relay. This includes all the entertainment, performers, speakers, getting food and sponsors to the event, and logistics of Relay as well as events throughout the year. I am excited for a great year and Relay ahead!


Edison Tham

Fight Back - Advocacy Chair

3rd year, MCDB major


I ensure that our ACS members are cognizant about legislative efforts that help our fight against cancer, as well as provide a platform for club members to learn about advocacy efforts relating to healthcare and cancer.

Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 7.34.09 PM.png

Justin Lin

Fight Back - Cancer Education Chair

3rd year, Psychobiology major


I plan our education rallies to increase cancer awareness on campus by informing students about common symptoms, preventions, treatments, and current research on different types of cancers. This year, I want to organize more events that can help spread cancer awareness to local communities outside of our campus. I’m also excited to work alongside my co-chair and the new DEI committee!


Jonathan Ahdoot

Survivor Outreach Chair

3rd year, Biology major, Iranian studies minor

I help reach out to cancer survivors and people currently battling cancer. Getting their support for our club and for relay is so important. In addition, I give a platform to fighters and survivors to share their stories to audiences in order to spread awareness and provide hope.


Gabrielle Sotomayor

Survivorship and Caregiver Engagement Chair

4th year, Psychology major

I work alongside my co-chair to organize events and activities that are focused on celebrating and supporting cancer survivors and their caregivers.


Kiana Zargari

Luminaria Chair

4th year, Physiological Science major

My committee and I are responsible for coordinating the Luminaria Ceremony at our Relay for Life event! The Luminaria Ceremony is a time honored tradition at Relay for Life events all over the world. It is an opportunity for event participants to honor their loved ones in a supportive environment. The Luminaria Committee is also responsible for various events, such as Luminaria on the Hill, throughout the course of the year.


Mary Keushkerian

Co-Marketing Chair (Graphics)

3rd year, Psychobiology major, Armenian Studies minor


I create, and oversee the creation of, promotional materials for ACS On Campus at UCLA and Relay For Life, as well as various other events, fundraisers, and rallies. I also help run our social media platforms in addition to designing merchandise. In addition, I update the website weekly.


Kurtis Liang

Co-Marketing Chair (Video)

4th year, Biology major


I create various promotional, educational, and fun videos to help spread awareness about this amazing club! 


Alexandria Gonzales

Co-Recruitment Chair

4th year, Biology major, Spanish minor

We increase the involvement of the UCLA community in the fight against cancer, through donations and participation in the club, at events, and at Relay For Life.


Jay Solanki

Co-Recruitment Chair

3rd year, MCDB major


Alongside the other Recruitment Chair, I help to organize and publicize our recruitment pushes and events leading up to Relay for Life!


Rachel Dove

Co-Fundraising Chair

3rd year, MIMG major, Biomedical Research minor


I work with my fundraising co-chair and committee to plan and organize large club fundraisers throughout the year as well as creative ways for all our members to individually raise money.


Lily Shamel

Co-Fundraising Chair

4th year, Biology major, Global Studies minor

I plan small scale and large scale fundraising events for the year and help members of the club meet their fundraising goals!


My-Lan Le

Spirit Chair

3rd year, Political Science and MCDB double major

The goal of Spirit is to create a welcoming, exciting and enjoyable environment for everyone in ACS on Campus! Spirit is responsible for fostering a sense of community and increasing member engagement through planning icebreakers, activities and socials. We also organize our mentorship program to give new members an opportunity to receive advice from returning members and introduce them to ACS.


Mylani Sonico

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

4th year, HBS major 


My responsibilities involve facilitating collaboration across committees in order to promote DEI values within our organization's mission efforts and member relations. I work alongside my committee to research health disparities, advocate for health inequity mitigation, and organize quarterly health and wellness workshops that prioritize student inclusivity and well-being.


Nathan Chu

Sponsorship Chair

3rd year, HBS major

I reach out to businesses and local restaurants to obtain sponsors for our event!


Shreya Vajragiri

Food & Hospitality Chair

4th year, MIMG and Anthropology double major


We contact restaurants and food manufacturers to provide fuel for Relay participants!


Miranda Eddins

Entertainment Co-Chair

4th year, Physiological Science major, Global Studies minor

I plan, manage, and oversee all the fun events, performances, and activities leading up to Relay for fundraising and during ALL 24 hours of the actual Relay for Life event to keep people awake, engaged, and entertained! I also plan exciting, large quarterly events such as our benefit concert Rockout for a Cure in the months leading up to Relay.


Rohit Srinivas

Entertainment Co-Chair

4th year, MCDB major


With my lovely committee, I plan and run enjoyable events throughout the year to help fundraise for our cause. To make sure everyone that has a good time, I also take care of the amazing activities and performances that take place during Relay.


Ashley Kao

Logistics Co-Chair

3rd year, HBS major, Accounting minor

I collaborate with my co-chair to apply for and obtain funding for all of our Relay events! 


Maddie Chan

Logistics Co-Chair

2nd year, Business Economics major

I work with my co-chair and committee members to acquire funding for all our events and expenses throughout the year!


Amber Armellini

Head TCC

4th year, HBS major


I work with my TCCs to update our Team Captains about fundraising nd Relay for Life. We also reach out to other organizations on Campus and high schools to let them know about Relay. 


Valerie Bastea


3rd year, Math Econ major, Global Studies minor

I work with my other TCCs to engage with our Relay for Life team captains and keep them up to date with all the information concerning fundraising, recruitment, and Relay as a whole. We also collaborate with other Relay committees to improve outreach and promote community involvement!


Isabel Lozito


4th year, MCDB major, Neuroscience minor


I work with the other TCCs to engage Relay for Life team captains, provide captains with important information about Relay, and work on outreach among the Los Angeles community to encourage others to join the fight against cancer!

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