ACS On campus
Board 2021-2022


Olivia Henshaw


4th year, Biochemistry major


I oversee all club happenings, organize meetings, serve as a liaison between our campus organization and the American Cancer Society, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly so that we can reach our goals and have an awesome Relay for Life!

Favorite Relay Moment: I'm always a big fan of closing ceremony... as bittersweet as it is that all our hard work over the year is coming to an end, the total fundraising reveal and the outpouring of love make it all feel so gratifying!


Jessica Revilla

VP Operations

4th year, MCDB major, Biomedical Research minor

I manage general club operations and logistics! This includes creating slides for our weekly meetings, writing weekly recap emails, monitoring the club Venmo, and creating/monitoring the Slack!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment of Relay is learning the Relay dance for that year. The relay dance is choreographed by the board members of the club and eventually taught to the general public at Relay; by the end of the event, everyone knows what to do when a certain part of the song comes on and it's always so fun watching people dance their heart out and have a great time!

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Lauren Blankenship

VP Mission

4th year, English and Sociology double major

I oversee the Survivorship, Fight Back, and Luminaria committees, work with other clubs and organizations for collaborations, and always advocate for our club's mission to celebrate, remember and fight back against cancer!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony! It is always so amazing to to remember those we've lost to cancer in such a sentimental way, I was the Luminaria Chair last year so it holds a very special place in my heart:)


Amber Armellini

Growth Director

3rd year, HBS major, Biomedical Research minor

I oversee our growth committees including Recruitment, Fundraising, Marketing, Spirit, and TCCs! But overall, I work to expand ACS through outreach initiatives and networking within and beyond the UCLA campus. 

Favorite Relay Moment: IMy forever favorite Relay memory was my first Luminaria ceremony. I shared a slide about my grandmother who I had recently lost and seeing so many others who have lost loved ones like me and also seeing so many survivors gave me hope for the future and proved to me that cancer is no longer a death sentence. 


Yash Gursahani

Productions Director

3rd year, Astrophysics major, Mathematics minor


I am in charge of planning everything that goes into the day of Relay. This includes all the entertainment, performers, speakers, getting food and sponsors to the event, and logistics of Relay as well as events throughout the year. I am excited for a great year and Relay ahead!

Favorite Relay Moment: Luminaria at my first ever Relay in 2018!


Kenya Ochoa

Fight Back - Advocacy Chair

3rd year, Biophysics major, Global Health minor


As advocacy chair, my responsibility is to ensure that our ACS on Campus members are informed about the latest legislative pushes that further the fight against cancer and provide petitions in support of various initiatives for our members to sign. This year, I plan to incorporate more events, workshops, and collaborations centered on cancer advocacy and education into our club’s quarterly schedule! 

Favorite Relay Moment: I really enjoyed Adam’s performance during Mr. Relay 2021!! 

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Katie Lin

Fight Back - Cancer Education Chair

4th year, Biology major, Global Health minor


I help organize educational rallies to spread awareness about the different types of cancer including their treatments, prevention, symptoms, and current research. I also assist my co-chair Kenya with advocacy efforts.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite part of relay is Luminaria because it reminds us that we are all fighting against cancer for the same reasons. It brings everyone closer together in love and support for one another to celebrate our loved ones that we have lost.


Monay Martinez

Survivor Outreach Chair

2nd year Physiological Science major

I help organized and coordinate survivors group together. I enjoy reaching out to fellow caregivers and reaching out to those battling cancer right now. 

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment is Mr. Relay by far! It is a fun, uplifting way to donate money in a fun exciting way. Watching the different performances and talents is entertaining while doing so you can donate to vote who you think truly put their best foot forward. 


Gabrielle Sotomayor

Survivorship and Caregiver Engagement Chair

3rd year, Psychology major

I work alongside my co-chair to organize events and activities that are focused on celebrating and supporting cancer survivors and their caregivers.

Favorite Relay Moment: The survivor lap after opening ceremony tends to be favorite relay moment every year. I love when all relay attendees wrap around the track and cheer our survivors on. It is genuinely the best way to kick off Relay !


Cora Chun

Luminaria Chair

2nd year, MCDB major

I am responsible for organizing the Luminaria Ceremony during Relay for Life, and also for setting up the Luminaria booth. Throughout the school year, I will keep track of Luminaria bag purchases and host Luminaria on the Hill once a quarter.

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony during Relay last year! It was such an emotional moment, and it felt so powerful to all be united against cancer through remembering our loved ones.

cacprofile - Sophie Roberts (1).jpg

Sophie Roberts

Co-Marketing Chair (Website Master)

4th year, Psychobiology major, Global Health minor


I update the website with important events, information, and fundraising achievements. My job is to keep everyone informed and inspired through our website! I also help run our social media platforms and design the club's merchandise.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has always been the Luminaria Ceremony. I find the entire event to be very uplifting and positive, so I think Luminaria is super important in providing a space for people to remember and mourn their loved ones and create a sense of community among the Relay attendees.


Samantha Jeffrey

Co-Marketing Chair (Graphics)

4th year, Psychobiology major, Spanish minor


I create, and oversee the creation of, promotional materials for ACS On Campus at UCLA and Relay For Life, as well as various other events, fundraisers, and rallies. I also help run our social media platforms, in addition to designing merchandise.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria Ceremony. It is such a beautiful and moving way to honor those who lost their fight against cancer, and reminds us all of why we are a part of ACS On Campus.


Mary Keushkerian

Co-Marketing Chair (Video)

2nd year, Psychobiology major 



I create various promotional, educational, and fun videos to help spread awareness about this amazing club!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment was watching Mr. Relay! I love watching the contestants go all out to win, and it's amazing because it's hilarious and raises money for a good cause!


Kaylin Ng 

Co-Recruitment Chair

2nd year, Environmental Science major


In order to spread the word about and encourage others to join us in the fight against cancer, I help to organize and publicize all recruitment pushes/events leading up to Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: Luminaria Ceremony!


Megan Borda 

Co-Recruitment Chair

3rd year, HBS major


I work alongside the other recruitment chair and our committee to encourage our UCLA community to get more involved in and attend Relay for Life! 

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite relay moment was luminaria. 

Katie K.jpg

Katie Kester 

Co-Fundraising Chair

3rd year, MCDB major, Science Education minor


I plan both large and small scale fundraising events that occur throughout the year, as well as helping committee members find fun and effective ways to meet their own fundraising goals!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has been the Luminaria Ceremony! It is a really beautiful way to come together as a community and remember those we have lost.


Rohit Srinivas

Co-Fundraising Chair

2nd year, MIMG major


I work with my cochair to plan fundraisers and various fundraising pushes throughout the year!

Favorite Relay Moment: I loved watching the Luminaria Ceremony! It is a powerful display of solidarity, and a reminder of why we relay. 


Mylani Sonico

Spirit Co-Chair

3rd year, HBS major 


Along with my co-chair and spirit committee, my role is to help foster a sense of community among ACS members as we prepare for our Relay For Life event at the end of the year! I am in charge of expanding our organization’s mentorship system and helping my co-chair plan engaging club socials!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite moment was watching the virtual Mr. Relay Pageant! It was definitely one of the most entertaining parts of the event. 


Adam Jacobsen

Spirit Co-Chair

2nd year, History and Polysci double major, Theater minor 


My ultimate job is to cultivate club spirit within ACS and get everyone excited for the Relay for Life! Working alongside my co-chair and Spirit Committee, I plan socials that bring us closer together as an organization. 

Favorite Relay Moment: The Mr. Relay Pageant is definitely a highlight. I had so much fun watching it both as a member of ACS and a contestant (who should have won but that's a conversation for another time). 


Anita Anandkumar

Head Team Captain Coordinator

3rd year, Biochemistry major, Evolutionary Medicine minor


I reach out to Relay For Life team captains, help organise Team Captain meetings, and work on outreach and involving the Los Angeles community in our fight against cancer.

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria ceremony, because everybody comes together to remember the people we have lost in the battle against cancer, and the reason we fight to save lives


Amanda Cohen 


2nd year, Physiological Science 


I reach out to Relay For Life team captains by providing them with up-to-date information on Relay and fundraising/recruitment tips. Also, I host Team Captain meetings with my fellow TCCS, recognize and reward teams for their recruitment or fundraising efforts, and reach out to the local community to spread Relay For Life's mission and to encourage others to join the fight against cancer!

Favorite Relay Moment: The Luminaria Ceremony is the most memorable and heartwarming part of Relay. Everyone comes together to remember those we have lost to cancer and remember why we relay in our continuous fight against cancer.


Valerie Bastea 


2nd year, Math/Econ major, Global Studies minor


I work with my other fabulous TCCs to engage with our Relay for Life team captains and keep them up to date with all the information concerning fundraising, recruitment, and Relay as a whole!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Fight Back ceremony; hearing everyone's stories is so touching and really showcases the strength and resilience of our community. It reminds us that we are all stronger than we think and that we should never stop fighting for a cancer-free world.


Sophia Kiessling


4th year, Neuroscience and French double major


I help organize and coordinate meeting with the Relay team captains concerning important things about Relay. 

Favorite Relay Moment: Our first virtual relay! It was so great to watch us all come together and create a successful and fun relay after covid first became prevalent. 


Ronak Kaik

Sponsorship Co-Chair

3rd year, Neuroscience major


I  reach out to businesses and local restaurants to obtain sponsors for our event!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment was when my grandmother, an 11 year breast cancer survivor, came all the way from India to walk the survivor lap. It was such an amazing sight to see her overcome a long battle and continue to walk with pride among all of the other cancer survivors. The image of her holding my grandfather's hand as we cheered her on is something I will never forget.


Nathan Chu

Food and Hospitality Co-Chair

2nd year, HBS major


I contact local restaurants and businesses to provide food and drink for Relay!

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment has to be the Mr. Relay talent show! I find it so amazing that everyone can have a good laugh and raise money to fight cancer at the same time. 


Shreya Vajragiri

Food and Hospitality Co-Chair

3rd year, MIMG and Anthropology double major

We contact restaurants and food manufacturers to provide fuel for Relay participants!

Favorite Relay Moment: Watching everyone do the Relay dance together over Zoom and trying not to get spotlighted was so much fun


Miranda Eddins 

Entertainment Co-Chair

4th year, Biochemistry major, Global Studies minor


I plan, manage, and oversee all the fun events, performances, and activities leading up to Relay for fundraising and during ALL 24 hours of the actual Relay for Life event to keep people awake, engaged, and entertained! 

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment is the Luminaria Ceremony. Even virtually, it was such a powerful, meaningful, and moving moment during Relay that never fails to bring everyone at the event together and remind us all why we are there. 


Jonathan Ahdoot 

Entertainment Co-Chair

2nd year, Biology major


I entertain! With my lovely committee, I plan and run enjoyable events throughout the year to help fundraise for our cause. To make sure everyone that has a good time, I also take care of the amazing activities and performances that take place during Relay.

Favorite Relay Moment: While each piece of Relay is incredible in its own right, the Luminaria Ceremony really sticks out to me as a favorite. It gets to the heart of why so many people are here: to honor and celebrate those who have passed from cancer or are currently in their fight against it. It's astonishing, really. There is nothing quite like it.

IMG_3411 - CAC Logistics (2).HEIC

Kiana Zargari

Co-Logistics Chair

3rd year, Physiological Sciences 


I work with my co-chair and committee members to secure the funding required for all club expenses and our Relay for Life event itself!

Favorite Relay Moment: The hospital visits were always a highlight for me. There are so many exciting ACS on Campus activities and events, but being able to deliver cards to cancer patients is such a privilege. It inspires me to continue volunteering with Relay for Life for as long as I can! Together we can fight towards a day with less cancer, and more birthdays :)


Ashley Kao

Co-Logistics Chair

3rd year, HBS major, Accounting minor

I collaborate with my co-chair to apply for and obtain funding for all of our Relay events! 

Favorite Relay Moment: My favorite Relay moment was all of Virtual Relay this past year, especially the Luminaria Ceremony! Despite everything being virtual this year, seeing everyone come together to honor the lives lost to cancer and support those currently battling cancer was incredibly uplifting and truly emphasized the Relay purpose and community.