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Fundraise for a cure

We fundraise so none of our friends, family, or even ourselves have to hear the words “You have cancer”. We fundraise to put an end to cancer once and for all. All the money we raise goes directly to the American Cancer Society who distributes the money towards cancer researchers and patient services. Since our start 17 years ago, ACS On Campus at UCLA has raised over $2,002,369 and counting. In the past 5 years alone, we have raised over $1 million. This money provides complimentary transportation for cancer patients to their treatments, free stays at Hope Lodges, a 24/7 helpline for anyone affected by cancer, low cost cancer screenings, and funds for lifesaving research. Currently there are 11 research projects at UCLA working to find a cure and relieve suffering from cancer. 


This year, our goal is to raise $200,000 for the American Cancer Society this year. With your help and the hard work of our student staff, we can go above and beyond our fundraising goal! 

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WE have raised

Our Goal:

$ 200,000

Ways to Fundraise

There are numerous ways to approach fundraising and with some creativity you can use things around you to make into a small fundraiser!


Family and Friends

  • During the holiday season send out letters/emails asking for a donation as a Christmas present or a birthday present

  • Try to have your family sign up to come to Relay and join your own team!

Social Media

  • Facebook fundraisers - make sure to link your own fundraiser to your Facebook so your friends can see that you are raising money for a good cause

  • Create a Facebook event that is a fundraiser where you can sell off fun ideas and invite all your friends (example for $1 I can share a fun picture we have together, $3 I will write you a haiku, $5 tell an embarrassing fact about myself, etc)

  • Instagram stories - another great way to reach out to your friends, you can link your venmo account and ask for donations in small amounts (ranging from $1-$10)

  • Venmo - easy tool to use to have people send you donations because they can bypass doing a donation through the website



Small Sales

  • If you have extra clothes/books/random items you could sell them and use that money as donations

  • Bake sales! - cookies/brownies/cakes are easy to make and people love to buy sweets - perfect target around Valentines Day

  • Care packages! - during midterms and finals put together a package of study essentials for your fellow classmates

  • Study guides or class notes - if you have organized notes you could sell them to your friends

  • Holiday grams/small final care packages 

  • Tutoring friends or people from classes you have already taken




  • Memory books or photo collages 

  • Cards or fancy notes 

  • Beaded bracelets (friendship bracelets) 

  • Decorated succulent pots 

  • Flower pens

  • Keychains 

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