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Why Paula Relays

I relay for many reasons. I relay for funding cancer research, for saving lives, for providing services and treatment for people in need. Most of all, I relay for my Dad. My dad was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer, when I was in high school. For someone who grew up on the coast of California in the sun and who spends their days stand-up-paddle boarding on the pacific, this was the worst news to hear. Thankfully, due to an early diagnosis, my dad was able to have his tumor removed and is cancer-free today and out on the ocean more than ever before. The American Cancer Society raises money for many different things, one of those things being early detection treatments. I relay for those who may have not been so lucky and above all, for a cure.” -Paula Dowdell

Why do you relay? #WhyIRelayWednesday

Join our fight against cancer and register or donate here!

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