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Why Amber Relays

I Relay for my grandma Terryl Shearwood and all my other friends and family diagnosed with cancer. To me, she was not only my grandmother but my role model. She was originally misdiagnosed with ovarian cancer, and on Thanksgiving of 2016 underwent her first surgery where she missed out on her only chance for a specialized treatment. During the surgery she had a complete hysterectomy, her spleen removed, as well as parts of her stomach and intestines. She underwent two more surgeries, various general treatments, and even a clinical trial will unconditional strength and grace but sadly passed away in February of 2017. My grandmother actually had a rare form of appendix cancer referred to as pseudomyxoma peritonei. She fought her battle with grace and unconditional love for her family. And just as she had all my life, she continues to serve as an example to me of what it means to truly be a strong woman. So, I Relay for not only my grandmother, but for all the other people and their families who are affected by cancer in the hopes that someday no one will have to experience the loss my family, and so many others, have experienced.

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