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Why Amanda Relays

“I Relay in support of my dad, who is a cancer survivor, and my grandfather who passed away from lung cancer. My first exposure to the word “cancer” originated when I was 10 years old when my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. Watching my grandfather transform from a cheerful and energetic person to a distant, lethargic version of himself was hard to watch and confusing at such a young age. Shortly after the passing of my grandfather, my father was diagnosed with throat cancer. Unlike before, I was able to have deeper conversations with my father about the process. Thankfully he survived, and I was able to help him during his healing process both as a caregiver and as a daughter. Cancer is tough, but I hope that with the combined efforts of the wonderful people in ACS and other Relay For Life supporters that we can live in a cancer-free world one day.”

- Amanda Cohen💜

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