Why Justin Relays

“8 years ago, my grandfather suddenly passed away on Labor Day from acute myeloid leukemia.

Every week for the six months he suffered, my mom worked from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, flew down to Socal Friday night to take care of him, flew back home Sunday night, and went straight to work the following Monday. She was putting on such a brave face, yet her frantic leukemia google searches and her strangely weak smiles told the whole story.

I not only Relay for my grandfather, but for her as well. Cancer not only steals the ones we love, but also robs us of time and breaks our spirits. Usually brimming with energy, this was the only time I have seen my mom truly distraught. I too was hopeless. Nowadays, however, I am more inspired and hopeful that cancer will not abruptly take away the lives of people we love the most.

Keep on fighting cancer everyone!” -Justin Chang

Why do YOU relay?


Join our fight against cancer and register or donate here! uclarelay.org

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